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Monday, April 4, 2011

Full SPEED Ahead

Well over the weekend my wife and I watched a movie I haven't seen in years, Speed with Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, & The Late Dennis Hopper. Now I have to say that I always liked this movie, and guess what, I still do. My wife isn't the movie person that I am, If you were to name ten of the biggest blockbusters of the the last five years to her, she wouldn't know nine of them.

Now there is nothing wrong with that, It is actually something I love about her. It means I can put a movie in that she has never seen and enjoy her first viewing of the film. I like watching a movie with someone who has never seen it, especially if they enjoy they movie, for me it is like watching it for the first time all over again.

Now back to the movie, Keanu Reeves takes a backseat to the performances of Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper. I'm a keanu fan, but I just think this wasn't his best performance. He just didn't seem natural in certain scenes.

The story is amazing, a bus that if it goes below 50 mph will explode killing everyone inside and possibly all around the bus. So it is up to Keanu and the rest of the police force to find a way to outsmart the bad guy get everyone off the bus safely.

There is a ton of action in this movie, great plot, great acting(for the most part.) So if you have never seen this movie or just haven't watched it in a long time then do yourself a favor and rent/Buy/Borrow/Download/etc. however you get your movies, be sure to pick up this 90's classic action thriller. You won't be disappointed.

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