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Friday, May 6, 2011

Just follow the YellowBrickRoad.

I just came across a movie that has really Interested me. It is called YellowBrickRoad.

One Morning in New England, 1940, the entire population of Friar New Hampshire - 572 people - walked together up a winding mountain trail and into the wilderness.
They left behind their clothes, their money, all of their essentials. Even their dogs were abandoned, tied to posts and left to starve. No One knows why. A search party dispatched by the U.S. Army eventually discovered the remains of nearly 300 of Friar's evacuees. Many had frozen to death. Others were cruelly and mysteriously slaughtered. The bodies of the remaining citizens are still unaccounted for. Over the years, a quiet cover-up operation managed to weave the story of Friar into the stuff of legends and backwoods fairy tales. The town has slowly repopulated, but the vast wilderness is mostly untracked, with the northern-most stretches off limits to local hunters and loggers. In 2008, the coordinates for the "YELLOWBRICKROAD" trail head were declassified. The first official expedition into a dark and twisted wilderness will attempt to solve the mystery of the lost citizens of Friar...and reach the end of the trail.

This film will be in limited release across the US and it saddens me to see that it won't be in my state. May have to cross state lines to go see this thing. looks good. View the Trailer below.

Be sure to get too a AMC Theater near you to check this little gem out.

Southlake Pavilion, Atlanta GA
Barton Creek, Austin TX
White Marsh, Baltimore MD
Boston Common, Boston MA
Concord Mills, NC
Crestwood, Chicago IL
Barrington, Chicago IL
Newport Levee, Newport KY
Easton Town Ctr, Columbus OH
Grapevine Mills, Dallas TX
Westminster Prom., Denver CO
Fairlane, Detroit MI
Studio 30, Houston TX
Orange Park, FL
Ind. Commons, Independence MO
AMC 30 Block, West Orange CA
Univ. Citywalk, Los Angeles CA
Sunset Place, Miami FL
Rosedale, Roseville MN
Elmwood Palace, New Orleans LA
Empire, New York NY
Clifton Commons, Clifton NJ
Quail Springs Mall, OK City OK
Universal Cineplex, Orlando FL
Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill NJ
Westgate, Phoenix AZ
Waterfront, Pittsburgh PA
Showplace, Rockford IL
Mission Valley, San Diego CA
Mercado, San Jose CA
Metreon, San Francisco CA
Pacific Place, Seattle WA

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